Amazing black and white war photos retouched with color (10 PICS)

A digital artist has attempted to bring old war photos to life by infusing them with color.

“I feel that most pictures can give more in colour,” the artist said on a Facebook page, which contains over 300 retouched pictures but very little information, other than that contained in the captions describing the individual scenes.

It’s unknown who owns the page, or whether the work is done for profit or purely as a hobby. Either way, the pictures are pretty amazing.

The entire gallery, which includes all vintage but not just war photos, can be viewed here.

10862626_329289217263947_4810240168930177795_o 10841923_329286780597524_5260459078386987817_o 1531708_328057834053752_5013076613569282138_o 10459075_328057710720431_4200317226757842807_o 1512110_324659061060296_62389376426891678_o 1524416_324658927726976_6694272567621969841_o 1090948_324658804393655_1418726244491325338_o 1496419_324658721060330_2194767403840788531_o 1511786_319297791596423_8204859403157300143_o 1511878_329289977263871_3866235693039116665_o


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