Auto-Ordnance's affordable new Model 1911A1 Army (VIDEO)


Left and right sides of the A.O. 1911BKO (Photo: A.O.)

Auto-Ordnance will offer a wallet-friendly addition to its family of 1911 pistols, the 1911BKO. Although you wouldn’t know it by the name, the 1911BKO is a modern replica of the Army’s 1911A1.

Auto-Ordnance is the second company to introduce a new-production 1911A1 for shooters recently. Inland Manufacturing and MKS Supply teamed up to launch its own Government Model 1911A1 just a few weeks ago.

Externally the 1911BKO is essentially true to the 1911A1 form with a few changes to ensure that these new pistols aren’t ever passed off as mint condition originals. They are, naturally, chambered for .45 ACP.

They have the same vertical slide serrations, small hammer and flat grip safety, short trigger and simple military blade sights anyone would expect to see on any authentic Army 1911A1, even the same plastic grips. And of course the 1911BKO has a small, unobtrusive lanyard loop.

But the Auto-Ordnance model is stamped so that any collector will recognize right away that this is a reproduction. On the left side of the slide the 1911BKO read “Model 1911A1 US Army” and the right side of the frame is engraved with the maker’s mark and serial number.

While visually the 1911BKO lives up to G.I. specs Auto-Ordnance is taking advantage of modern machining and metallurgy to make replicas that are sure to last longer and be able to withstand even more abuse than their military counterparts.

The slides are machined from carbon steel bar stock and heat-treated, along with the sear and disconnector, for long service life, then given a matte black finish to match the frame and controls.

Field-stripping the pistol will also reveal another modern change, a firing pin block.

The specifications should be pretty familiar to fans of the 1911A1. The 1911BKO has a 5-inch barrel and an overall length of 8.5 inches, weighs 39 ounces unloaded and has a 7+1-round capacity. Each pistol is shipped with one magazine.

If this were much more expensive shipping with a single mag would be a small let down but Auto-Ordnance set the 1911BKO’s MSRP at an unbelievable $571. We’re sure that when it hits the market in quantity people will be able to find the 1911BKO for under $500 if they shop around. And that leaves plenty of money left over for extra magazines and ammo.

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