IWI US to debut the Uzi Pro this month

uzi pro sb

Guaranteed to make new friends at the range every single time. (Photo: IWI US)

IWI US will launch the much-anticipated Uzi Pro pistol at the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show later this month in Las Vegas. An updated polymer hybrid pistol based on the proven submachine gun design, the Uzi Pro will be offered as a standard pistol or with a stabilizing brace.

The Uzi Pro is an improved version of the Micro Uzi that offers better controls and an organic grip by replacing the stamped steel lower with a molded polymer receiver.

The redesign has made the Pro popular in Israel and in international markets and IWI US has been working on getting a commercial variant available for sale in the States since 2013. It seems like the long wait is just about over and soon shooters across the country will be able to get behind an Uzi Pro of their own.

uzi pro standard

Uzi Pro standard model. (Photo: IWI US)

When the Uzi Pro hits stores it will have a retail price of $1,109 for the standard version and $1,309 for the braced model, which means that the standard Pro will likely sell for less than $1,000 and the braced model a little more.

IWI is calling the braced model the Uzi Pro SB after the brace’s manufacturer, SB Tactical. SB Tactical started the brace revolution developing the original pistol brace, the SIG SB 15. Some cool features with the Pro SB is that the brace extension includes a single-point sling swivel stud and the extension folds to the side for storage.

Every Uzi Pro will ship with one mostly flush-fitting 20-round magazine and one extended 25-round stick magazine where available. Thanks to the redesigned the magazine release is on the grip for fast and easy mag drops.

uzi pro sb folded

The Uzi Pro SB with brace extension folded. (Photo: IWI US)

The design incorporates three safeties, a manual frame-mounted safety, a grip safety and a firing pin safety to make the pistol drop-safe.

The charging handle is located on the side, no the top, which sports a rail for optics for shooters who want a to take things to the next level over the integrated iron sights.

Both the Uzi Pro and Pro SB have 4.5-inch barrels, threaded barrel extensions and forward accessory rails for lights or laser sights. Because these are pistols the rail can’t be used with vertical foregrips without registering them as NFA items. They weigh in at just over 3.5 pounds unloaded.

Even though the Uzi Pro pistols aren’t exactly cheap, they’re not super-expensive, either, and they’re prestige items to boot. They’re just cool little all-purpose guns that guaranteed to make a lot of people happy.

More information is available in the press release and as always, the IWI US website. For down to the minute news and updates be sure to check out the IWI US page on Facebook, too.

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