Gun shops leak upcoming full-size Glock 40 10mm

Glock 40 MOS 10mm advertisement

Glock 40 with MOS. (Photo: Kiesler/Facebook)

The Kiesler Defense Police Supply posted photos of what looks like ad copy of the long-awaited Glock 40 on Facebook, and it’s not what people were expecting. The photo shows a full-size 10mm pistol with an optic-ready package, featuring Glock’s new MOS system for mounting red dot sights.

Of course we won’t know for sure if this really will be the missing Glock 40 until it’s officially unveiled, but Kiesler isn’t the only company saying the model is going to be a full-size 10mm as Weddles Gun Shop also posted information detailing a 10mm Glock 40.

Glock 34 35 MOS kiesler police supply advertisement

Glock 34 and 35 with MOS. (Photo: Kiesler/Facebook)

Weddles also unofficially confirmed the MOS package which is expected to be offered on other full-size pistols including the Model 34, 35 and 31 as well, something Kiesler dropped on their Facebook page, too.

Optics-ready slides that accept micro red dot sights are increasingly popular with hunters, competition and recreational shooters as well as military and law enforcement users who can carry this kind of kit.

The move makes a lot of sense considering Smith & Wesson has had its full CORE series of optics-ready pistols available for two years now, and they have been doggedly targeting the polymer-framed, striker-fired service pistol market — Glock’s market.

Other companies have made their businesses center on producing aftermarket optics-ready slides for Glock pistols as well. There’s no doubt that these will be easy to sell with a lot of buyers ready with cash in hand.

But what people have really been hoping for from Glock is not an optics-ready full-size long-slide pistol chambered for 10mm but a single-stack subcompact chambered for 9mm.

Glock 41 MOS kiesler police supply

Glock 41 with MOS. (Photo: Kiesler/Facebook)

When Glock first announced the Model 42 last year, a single-stack subcompact .380 large enough to be a 9mm, it seemed like a 9mm model was just around the corner.

The demand for Glock to make a single-stack 9mm is off the charts, so if these leaks bear out then a lot of people are going to be surprised and disappointed if Glock doesn’t have a 9mm subcompact to join them.

Still, these guns aren’t a bad move on Glock’s part — just the opposite. While handguns with red dot sights are just starting to take off Glock is in a good position to tackle a growing market while offering something to their existing user base.

In a few years these packages will be standard throughout the industry, the same way Picatinny rails have become mandatory for all service pistols. Glock will stay ahead of the curve with optics-ready guns from the factory.

But until they offer a single-stack subcompact 9mm for concealed carry and backup their catalog will always be somewhat incomplete.

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