'Gun Lady' Rep. Carolyn McCarthy retiring, leaves behind a modest gun control legacy (VIDEO)

With gun control champion Carolyn McCarthy set to leave congress, the New York representative sat down with ABC 7 to discuss her legacy, which began with a win over a National Rifle Association-backed candidate in 1996.

Several failed gun control bills and nine terms later, McCarthy leaves a legacy she isn’t very proud of.

Named the “Gun Lady,” McCarthy’s rise began with the tragic fall of her husband, one of 25 victims either killed or wounded in the Long Island Rail Road massacre in 1993.

Spurred on by her son — who was one of the wounded in the Garden City murder spree — and the death of her husband, McCarthy’s campaign yielded only modest gains in strengthening background checks on criminals and the mentally ill, ABC reported.

McCarthy was a moderate Democrat, according to GovTrack’s analysis of her bill sponsorship.

Two of her most recently sponsored bills pertaining to guns sought to ban assault weapons and stop online ammunition sales. Both were introduced in January 2013, but not enacted.

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