Woman smuggles gun into New Mexico jail in her vagina (VIDEO)

Authorities say 34-year-old Josephine McAllister gave new meaning to the term concealed carry after she sneaked a gun past security at an Albuquerque detention center last month by hiding it in her vagina.

Once inside, McAllister attempted to discard the gun in a bathroom trash can.

During an interview, the woman said she had the gun tucked in her waistband, but authorities aren’t buying it and believe she instead had it tucked up in her vagina.

Although officers try to ensure that nobody enters the detention center armed, sometimes items can – and do – slip by.

“We can only be so thorough,” said Officer Simon Drobik, “And that area is out of the question.”

Capt. Ray Gonzales said officers are now “wanding people” among other things to ensure no contraband gets inside.


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