For the inventor in you, check out the gun patent blog


TFB Patent Blog highlights a paint-by-numbers drawing often found with in a patent. (Photo: TFB)

Behind every new gun, feature and accessory is a patent and if you’ve never exposed yourself to the exciting world of gun patents, you’re in for a treat. The popular website The Firearm Blog just launched a section dedicated entirely to the topic.

With the new section, TFB hopes to attract a niche audience that enjoys sifting through the hard-to-read pieces of American prose — often littered with technical and legal jargon — to nail down essential details in the documents for the latest in firearm technology and possibly identify who or what is behind it.

TFB will host technical drawings, abstract descriptions, inventor, and a copy of the patent. Granted, the information is aggregated from the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office, TFB does half the legwork for you.

Steve Johnson, TFB’s editor, said the section will attract “hardcore gun enthusiasts, the type that do their own gunsmithing and/or come up with their own inventions,” as well as “small time gun/gun accessory manufacturers, the mom and pop shops that don’t have the technical know-how or time to browse the USTPO website.”

It’s a communal section, as Johnson encourages his writers and readers to “uncover gems” buried in the documents.

“Figuring out what is important and what is BS takes quite a lot of general gun knowledge,” he said.

While the section is still in its infancy, Johnson hopes at some point enough data is collected so users will be able to search patents by company.

For the inventor in you, check out TFB Patent Blog.

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