IGN ranks top 100 video game weapons of all time

The world of video games doesn’t typically require a tether to reality, which leaves a lot of room for thinking up ways to kill stuff. IGN put together a list of its favorite video game weapons of all time, most of which don’t exist in the real world – yet. Here are some of the more realistic firearms IGN chose.   

Ranked at 97, were Lara Croft’s dual pistols, which in different versions of Tomb Raider were modeled after everything from the HK USP Tactical .45 to Beretta 92s. Of course, whichever pistols Croft decided to carry, the ammo was unlimited.

The British-made Arctic Warfare Police magnum sniper rifle featured in Counter Strike came in at 84. Manufactured by Accuracy International, the rifle was hated by many a player of the game for its ease of use in dispatching your opponents. As IGN points out, the rifle’s in-game devotees claim that a missed shot can be costly because of its long reload time.

The bloodiest, most powerful weapon in Red Dead Redemption was its Blunderbuss, according to IGN, who ranked the Old West rifle at 73.

Probably one of the most fun in a first-person shooter was with the RC-XD explosive remote controlled car in Call of Duty: Black Ops, which came in at 67 on IGN’s list.

This RC car was fast and low to the ground, allowing you to detonate it once you’ve rolled up on your enemy. The RC was awarded as a kill streak after the player got three kills in a row. Sure, the closest any military comes to using remote controlled cars is for bomb disposal, but it’s possible to manufacture an RC-XD – not that you should.

Another plausible in-game weapons again comes from the COD series and made number 54 on IGN’s list. The tactical nuke in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was another kill streak reward that allowed the player to call in a nuclear bomb, which would kill everyone – including the one who called in the strike – and give that player’s team a win. Only seasoned players who could get 25 kills in a row were awarded this most deadly of kill streaks.

Another over-powered video game weapon was the golden gun from GoldenEye 007, which IGN ranked at 35. The .45 caliber gold-plated gun could kill another player with one shot to any part of the body and only one player was allowed to tote it.

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