Magpul unveils new polymer AR15 drum magazine (VIDEO)

Less than a week before the largest annual gun show in the world, Magpul Dynamics announced its newest addition to the AR-15 magazine market, the D60.

Holding 60 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, the D60 is polymer drum magazine built to STANAG standards, meaning it runs in all NATO-spec 5.56mm rifles, like the M16 and Israeli Tavor.

Traditionally, drum mags are less reliable, more finicky and require more labor-intensive maintenance than their box-shaped brothers. Magpul claims to have fixed these issues by including a quick-release backplate to the drum for rapid cleaning, and by building the drum from the same ultra-durable polymer as their ubiquitous magazines.

The D60 also includes other uncommon features like last-round bolt hold open, compatibility with fully-automatic weapons and ultra-light construction.

The D60 retails for $129.95, and will ship summer 2015. Magpul will have a demo unit available the day before the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show at the ATAC range near Las Vegas. If Magpul’s drum is anything like their standard polymer magazines, expect this to be a huge hit with the AR15 crowd.

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