Authorities attempting to solve mystery of 132-year-old rifle found in Great Basin National Park (VIDEO)

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Park archaeologists from the Great Basin National Park in Nevada discovered an old and weathered rifle leaning against a tree in the park in November, and they are still working to determine the origins of the Winchester Model 1873 rifle.

The wood was cracked and the barrel rusted, but authorities were still able to pull a serial number from the firearm. The number matched up with shipping records, which date back to 1882, but the records don’t tell to whom or even where the rifle was shipped.

Park officials have now taken to the more painstaking process of searching newspaper archives and family histories in an attempt to locate any information about the 132-year-old rifle, and how it could possibly have ended up in the remote location.

The rifle is currently being held at a conservatory but will soon be permanently displayed at the park.


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