Volunteers simulate Paris terrorist shooting with armed citizen in the mix (VIDEO)

The website The Truth About Guns recently organized a simulation in Plano, Texas, to see if the outcome would have been different had an armed citizen been present when the shooting started at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris last week.

“It’s the one people are Monday morning quarterbacking at the moment,” said Nick Leghorn. “It’s interesting to see how people react under stress. It’s not what you’d expect people do.”

The volunteers created a set to mirror the Charlie Hebdo offices, complete with terrorists, but adding armed citizens in the mix. The non-lethal guns used during the simulation created paint markers to see how the events could likely play out in a real-life scenario.

Twelve people died at the offices in Paris last week, and all but one of the twelve volunteers died in the simulation – even those who were armed. The simulation was repeated 12 times and each time had similar results. The only surviving volunteer in the simulation escaped the terrorists by running away, and none of the armed citizens were able to take down both of the terrorists.

The website will be analyzing what was – and was not – learned during the simulation, to be published in a report at a later time.


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