More from Magpul: AK furniture, steel-reinforced mags (VIDEO)

Magpul has just unveiled its new, complete line of AK accessories, adding two new AK buttstocks, two three AK handguards and an updated AK PMAG with steel reinforcements. Even though this announcement has been due for a long time, it’s still music to the ears of everyone in the AK world.

It’s been clear that Magpul has been gearing up for this moment since the company first announced AK pistol grip and PMAG. Even Magpul director Duane Liptak, Jr. has been pretty open about the company’s desire to deliver more AK accessories.

But it’s another thing entirely to see them in all their glory. Magpul is launching two lines of AK accessories, the MOE series, modeled after its core line of AR accessories and the new Zhukov series, named after the great World War II general Georgy Zhukov.

Magpul is also launching a hard-use variant of the AK PMAG. The new version has a steel insert at the top for extra support at the feed lips and magazine catch. This is particularly important as the steel receivers and magazine latches of AKs can wear out pure polymer designs.

The reinforced PMAGs are a bit more expensive than the all-polymer magazines, but at $26 a piece they’re downright cheap compared to some AK mags.

magpul ak furniture zhukov (2)

Testing out the new Zhukov furniture. (Photo: Magpul Dynamics/Facebook)

With these new products along side existing accessories, Magpul is poised to shoot to the top of list of the AK aftermarket suppliers.

Magpul is rolling out two MOE handguards, the MOE AK that’s compatible with AK without sling loops on the handguard retainer plate and the MOE AKM for use with rifles with forward sling loops. Both have stainless steel heat shields with a matte black finish.

MOE AK and AKM handguards can be used with Ultimak railed gas tubes and extend a little further forward than standard AK furniture, providing a longer grip if desired. Both are priced at a very reasonable $36.

The MOE stock takes after the triangle style seen on many AK variants, although it is fixed to the receiver. The stock uses the standard AK tang and uses a wedge block to fit to all receiver types without modification or the use of adapters.

It’s priced in line with comparable AR MOE stocks at $59.

The Zhukov set takes things a step forward with a side-folding, adjustable-length buttstock and extra-extended handguard. Like the MOE handguards the Zhukov is compatible with Ultimak gas tubes. It doesn’t use the standard handguard retainer plates, instead, it comes with a complete extruded aluminum chassis.

The Zhukov parts are the most expensive of the new AK accessories at $99 each. Of course, real-world prices are usually a bit lower, but until demand dies down we won’t be surprised if they list close to MSRP.

The new AK buttstocks accept standard MOE cheek risers for use with raised optics. The Zhukov folds to the right side and doesn’t block the bolt or the ejection port allowing rifles equipped with the stock to fire when folded. This leaves the left side of the receiver open for use with side-mounted optics.

Not surprisingly, all of these AK accessories come with M-Lok slots for use with Magpul’s in-house accessory standard.

These are all going to be must-haves for a lot of AK users. Magpul says they will ship to distributors in the first quarter of 2015 in standard black and in their newest color: plum.

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