Man with a machete shot 3 times... and the entire thing was caught on video (VIDEO)

Last February when James Cvengros heard screaming outside his apartment, he armed himself with a gun and locked himself inside his Pocatello, Idaho, apartment. But before doing so, he had set up a video camera aimed in the direction of his door, a move which caught a chilling encounter.

Moments into the video, the door can be seen shredded apart by Twain Thomas, who was armed with a machete. As Thomas made his way through the door, still armed with the enormous blade, Cvengros opened fire, striking Thomas three times.

The video went dark after Thomas crashed through the door, but the audio continued to roll.

Cvengros can be heard in the background screaming at Thomas.

“I didn’t want to do that!” Cvengros said. “You were gonna kill me!” To which Thomas responded, “You’re right, I was.”

Cvengros repeatedly told Thomas not to move, as Thomas is heard wailing in the background.

[Huffington Post]

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