Magpul drops new Sand dyeable high-impact polymer (VIDEO)

The gun world has been expecting big news from Magpul this year. The company has made product announcement after product announcement in the weeks leading up to this year’s Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show — the largest firearms expo of its kind in the world — but we all knew they had even more up their sleeve.

The latest announcement is new Sand polymer magazines. More than just a color change, the new mags represent a completely new polymer with an improved, even more resilient composition. Not only does it perform at a wider range of temperatures, it readily accepts dye and paint patterns for easy and long-lasting customization.

Magpul’s Sand polymer has a tone similar to the lighter tones of popular desert camouflage patterns making it an ideal canvas for darker shades and the new composition is less likely to scratch or fade if camo-treated than other polymer composites.

The end result is a new, all-around better PMAG. Naturally Magpul plans to roll out the new Sand material across the board with a full spread of updated mags guaranteed to hold up to even more extreme conditions and weather even greater abuse than their previous generation of battle-proven magazines.

Finally, Magpul is working on a series of tutorial videos on how to customize the new magazines with easy-to-find Rit dye with tools as simple as rubber bands and plastic bags to create unique camo patterns.

We will follow up with the company about these and their other product announcements this SHOT Show to find out more.

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