Robber's mishap with falling pants during jewelry heist caught on camera (VIDEO)

First, she’s blundered when she lifts a large rock onto the display case and her shorts fall down, exposing her bright pink panties and a little bit of butt crack. She manages to pull her pants back up, but then gets tangled up in the strap on the bag she was carrying in the process.

She finally puts the bag down and attempts to grab loot from the shattered display cases, but can’t quite seem to be able to reach over the top very well. Eventually, she gets smart (?) and tries to smash the display case from the side, but fails.

At that point, you think she’s giving up and on her way, but comes back to grab just a few more things before walking out the door with a bag of stolen jewelry and giving the camera a clear view of her face.

[Live Leak]

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