Say hello to the double-double DP-12 shotgun (VIDEO)

It’s heavy at around 9 pounds empty. It’s expensive for a pump, with a retail price over $1,300. It’s got an awkward cheekpiece and a fairly unforgiving buttstock. It’s a Cheaper than Dirt exclusive. And it has a trigger pull that’s hard enough to make you think the safety is still on for a second.

But it’s hard not to want. Meet the DP-12 by Standard Manufacturing. It’s a double-barreled, twin magazine-fed pump-action bullpup shotgun.


The DP-12. (Photo: Max Slowik)


Double-barreled, pump-action bullpup shotgun. (Photo: Daniel Terrill)


They’re pretty mean. (Photo: Daniel Terrill)


Even from this side. (Photo: Max Slowik)


Until you get behind one. (Photo: Max Slowik)

Here’s the treat: with two round chambered, the shotgun alternates between barrels giving the user double the payload for every shuck of the forend. It’s not a volley gun, it fires one barrel with each pull of the trigger, but it gives you two rounds for every cycle of the action.

It’s a pump-action side-by-side shotgun, and it’s pretty cool.

Time will tell how it plays out once the gun hits the market. Sometimes designs as unusual as the DP-12 face challenges that don’t affect more traditional guns. Sometimes it takes a while for manufacturers to get production down where they deliver a consistent, flawless product.

None of that will change the fact that this is a real eye-catcher. Check it out.

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