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The Taurus Curve is a real first, a concealed-carry pistol designed to be comfortable and form-fitting. The grip is bowed to the right to conform to the hip or waist.

It’s a lightweight .380 ACP pistol with a 6+1 capacity. It’s a locked-breech design for minimal recoil despite its size and shape.

The gun has no sights, just a cross on the back to help guide the shooter on target. While not suitable for great accuracy, this ensures that the slide is completely round and smooth and will not snag on the draw.

The right side of the pistol has a clip for holster-less carry. The trigger guard is covered by a discrete clip that snaps off when the Curve is drawn. This prevents unintentional discharge when carried.

Built into the grip is a weapon light and laser sight module developed for Taurus by LaserLyte. The unit switches on both at the push of a button by default, however, users can set the unit to power just the laser or the light when switched on by holding down the switch for 8 to 9 seconds. This cycles between the three unit modes.

Obviously this design is tailor-fit for right-handed shooters. The Curve has a modular, serialized chassis tucked into the polymer frame. This will allow Taurus to take the core components of the Curve and develop a left-handed model should the future market support it.

Taurus will be testing the market with its new design with righties for now. A left-handed model is entirely possible with a lefty grip module and corresponding magazine baseplate, although Taurus is not developing it currently.

The Curve is priced competitively with an MSRP of $392. For more information visit  The Gun You Wear.

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