Suspect with 'killing journal' chased off by woman with gun after slicing man's throat (VIDEO)

A Dover, Wisconsin, couple is lucky to be alive after a terrifying incident which left the man’s throat cut and his girlfriend firing a gun at an early morning intruder Tuesday.

Dale Parker woke up around 2:30 a.m. to see a dark figure standing over him. Moments later, the intruder sliced Parker’s throat while Parker’s girlfriend, who was in bed with him, grabbed a gun. The two men struggled, before Parker was able to knock the knife from the suspect’s hands. Parker’s girlfriend then fired at the intruder, who immediately fled from the home, according to a report by a local ABC affiliate.

Law enforcement and emergency medical personnel responded within minutes and found Parker bleeding from the side of his neck while holding pressure on the wound with a towel.

The intruder  left behind what officers described as a “Rambo-style knife” and gloves. Officers also discovered a trail of footprints in the snow, which led them to a house located behind the victims’ home. At the house, officers found 28-year-old Ronald Kaehne and a collection of chilling evidence, including a journal which detailed Kaehne’s plans to kill the couple and what he intended to do afterwards to elude authorities.

“I’ll kill my targets tonight,” a journal entry the day before the break-in read.

“I’m leaving with a saber tooth knife, box cutter, and latex gloves . . . I’m thinking of trailing the blood out to the driveway to implicate a car. I failed; both are alive… and worst of all I left a knife and both gloves there before I accidentally cut myself… I can’t write it off as just breaking and entering or trespassing,” read another entry, which was presumably written after the break-in.

The journal also included a diagram of a human body, highlighting the areas which could be critically wounded, such as the throat, neck, spine, heart and kidneys.

Authorities took Kaehne into custody and while being questioned, he revealed more chilling details of the incident. Kaehne had apparently gained entry into the home through an unlocked window, and stood over the couple as they slept, watching them for more than 30 minutes before Parker woke up.

Kaehne told authorities that his father was a killer and he wanted to find out if he was a killer too.

Parker said that during the confrontation, Kaehne never said a word.

Kaehne now faces four felony charges – two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, one count of armed burglary and one count of substantial battery with a dangerous weapon.

Parker, although shaken by the incident, walked away with a non-life threatening cut across his neck, which only required stitches. His girlfriend was unharmed.

Obviously emotional and with a cracking voice, Parker said, “I just want to say what a fantastic job the Sheriff’s Department did and the rescue squad,” before turning away from the camera.

Dover Home Invasion Criminal Complaint

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