Crazy dude plays Russian Roulette by himself (VIDEO)

According to Uncyclopedia, there are a variety of versions of Russian Roulette, and whichever version you choose depends on “your tastes and testes.”

This guy, looking all cool with his tatted up arms and Marilyn Monroe T-shirt, opted for the solo version. Uncyclopedia clearly states that it doesn’t recommend this version, “as straight-up suicide would be a lot less tense and more economical.” But on the flip side, “when played solo, the game is accomplished in, at most, six easy steps,” according to the website, but this guy only made it through step one. Or at least that’s all which was on video anyway.

The person posting the video said the person in the video is either “incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.” We’ll let you be the judge of that.

[Live Leak]

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