Angstadt Arms unveils 9mm Glock-mag folding AR15


The UDP-9 isn’t just a direct-impingement AR-style pistol chambered in 9mm and feeds from standard Glock magazines (Photo: Jim Grant)

9mm AR15 carbines and rifles are nothing new. Colt started the trend back in 1982 with their select-fire 9mm SMG, sporting a ten-inch barrel. New Charlotte-based gun-maker Angstadt Arms distinguishes their new UDP-9 by including many of the most desirable AR15 features in a 9mm platform.


The UDP-9 uses a custom, flared magwell that fits Glock magazines like a glove. (Photo: Jim Grant)

The UDP-9 is assembled from a slick-side upper and custom billet lower receiver that includes a flared magwell, over-sized trigger guard and scalloped ejection port. Available in black and bronze, the UDP-9 is a semi-automatic, direct-impingement 9mm pistol feeding from 9mm Glock magazines.

Initially available as a pistol, Angstadt Arms intends to eventually offer their new AR-15 pistol as an SBR. Impatient buyers can purchase a pistol and after obtaining the proper stamp, convert it to an SBR.  The whole setup is a scant 21 inches long and weighs under five pounds.

Other notable features include a chrome moly barrel with a black phosphate finish, an ODIN Works free-floated keymod handguard and last round hold open.

The UDP-9 will be available April, 2015 with a projected MSRP of $1249.

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