A year later, Ted Nugent revisits 'subhuman mongrel' comment (VIDEO)

Ted Nugent revisits his “subhuman mongrel” comment towards President Obama, remarks he said during an interview with Guns.com last year that received a wide range of criticism and controversy across the country.

“There was such an uproar over my choice of name calling, but not uproar over a bunch of punks who would dictate policy forcing citizens of the United States to be unarmed and helpless,” Nugent told Guns.com last week at the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas, where he was promoting his show “Ted Nugent: Spirit of the Wild” on the Outdoor Channel.

The comment sparked a year-long controversy where political opponents called Nugent intolerant and accused him of racial prejudice. They also influenced a handful of venues to drop Nugent from their line up.

Nugent, a vocal gun rights advocate and who describes himself as a “shit kicker” and “street fighter,” has been critical of Obama for his views of firearms and efforts to implement gun control measures, among other things.

“Could you think of a word that could be offensive enough to describe someone who takes your money to hire security people while passing laws denying you the right to be secure? So ‘subhuman mongrel’ was probably much too delicate,” he said. “I believe anybody who dictates control over another person is pure evil and we must vote them out of office in this country. And I believe the GOP victory in November was a good indication.”

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