For Kevin Costner, gun control is not 'Black or White' (VIDEO)

In an interview promoting his new film, “Black or White,” Kevin Costner says gun control shouldn’t be as an polarizing issue as it is, adding that he’s for gun control and views guns as something he wants his family to own.

“In this politically charged life my wife got me a shotgun because I hunt. And she got me an heirloom and I know there’s a lot of thoughts about guns and boy almost like race — almost like “Black or White” — you’re either on one side or you’re on the other. And I own guns and I, for myself, I hope that there are stricter gun laws. I’m all for it. I’m not so black or white about that,” Costner said.

“For me I don’t have jewelry. My wife is gonna pass jewelry to her daughters, but the guns I have my father hunted with and my sons will hunt with the guns one day that I’ve hunted with and they’re sons will hunt with them one day if that’s something that’s interesting for them to do. And when they put their face on that gun they’re grandfather will be on it, I will be on it, and this is a thing that passes.”

[ USA Today ]

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