Man shows amazing generosity to wounded vet at SHOT (VIDEO)

At the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show product raffles are pretty common, but what occurred at Century Arms booth this year was anything but.

A company spokesman, Jacob Herman, emceed the raffle, shaking the tickets in a bowl and had a lovely booth babe draw the winning name. Herman read the ticket number and name listed on the ticket, “Norm Knight.”

Upon hearing the news, before he even laid hands on the new rifle, Knight, an attendee from Texas, turned to the gentleman beside him, and said, “I want him to have it.”

The gentleman, Rick Cicero, is a multi-tour war veteran who lost an arm and a leg during his last tour in Afghanistan.

“You’re the reason I’m here.” Knight said, handing the rifle to the misty-eyed vet.

Without missing a beat, Herman, clearly moved by the gesture, gave Knight another rifle.

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