Robber plays dead when store owner pulls out a gun, then makes a run for it (VIDEO)

A man who attempted to rob a music store in Tennessee got quite a surprise when the store owner pulled out a gun, but then the store owner was surprised when the robber played dead, especially since the man never even fired a shot.

Surveillance video captured the suspect entering the store and walking around for a moment before he charged at the clerk with what looked to be a machete. The clerk reacted by grabbing a gun and pointing it at him, but it doesn’t appear that he ever fired a shot. However, the suspect still dropped to the ground as if he had been shot and just laid on the floor motionless.

The presumably confused clerk walked around the counter and lightly kicked the suspect with his foot, looking for some sort of reaction, but the suspect just remained still.

The clerk then grabbed the phone to call the police, at such time the suspect jumped up and made a run for the door before the clerk caught him.

[Live Leak]

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