Tips from pro shooter Jessie Duff (VIDEO)

Pro shooter Jessie Duff shares advice to women interested in shooting and tips to sharpen your skills on the range at the 2015 Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Duff serves as captain of the Taurus shooting team and hosts the National Rifle Association’s show NRA All Access on the Outdoor Channel. She’s etched her name in the history books of some of the most distinguished shooting competitions, including the Bianchi Cup.

“Being a female in such a male dominated sport comes with it challenges, but I think I’ve done a well enough job of overcoming a lot of those,” she said.

To women she explains, “I’ve had a couple of guys come up and want to offer pointers and I’m of the belief I’m never at a point where I can’t learn anything, so I never had the attitude of ‘well he can’t tell me anything I don’t already know’ or ‘I’m at a higher level than him,’ so I’m curious to see what people want to share and I love to learn.”

And her advice to women seems to transcend gender. “I’m always open ears to comments and if it’s something I already know I’m not going to tell them that because maybe it’s something they just learned and want to share and they’re excited about it.”

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