You never know who's behind the wheel; Funny PSA discourages road rage (VIDEO)

Road rage is never a good idea, but with a little help from former heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield, this entertaining Public Service Announcement illustrates just how silly it is… especially when you’re unsure of who’s in the other car.

Holyfield, recently explained how he was in a road rage incident in his younger years, but rather than blowing up, he simply took his mom’s advice to “just chill.”

“Somebody was blowing their horn and they got out and they just talked to me any kind of way,” Holyfield said of an incident which occurred when he was 17-years-old and his beater car died in the middle of the road. “I fought then. I wasn’t heavyweight champ of the world. I was 17, but I could fight and the guy is making all this noise. He was probably thinking I can’t fight. I was a good fighter. I was an amateur champion.”

Holyfield said he knew he could have tore the guy up, but chose not to.

[Bleacher Report, ESPN]

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