Four drunk guys go deer hunting illegally... in a Mini Cooper! (VIDEO)

Authorities in Orange County, Florida, made an unexpected – and unusual – discovery while responding to a 911 call last week. Alicia Diggs said she made the call after hearing a loud boom, but she never imagined what had caused the noise.

Police discovered a bright yellow Mini Cooper with fogged up windows stalled on the side of the road, but upon further investigation found four passed out men, as well as four dead deer inside. Apparently the men had engaged in a night of heavy drinking before they decided to pile up in the little car and go deer hunting illegally. The height of the hunt was when they attempted to run over a buck, causing the car to stall, and the hunt was apparently so exhausting that the men all passed out in the car.

“That is crazy,” said John Block, who lives nearby. “My first thought was it must have been a stretch Mini Cooper because there’s no way it was a Mini Cooper.”

But it wasn’t a stretch, just a regular old Mini Cooper.

Diggs said had it been her, she probably would have chosen something a little more appropriate for deer hunting – like a truck.

[Fox 19]

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