Fox News: Gun control group calls murder victim's sister, gets a shocking message (VIDEO)

Everytown for Gun Safety reached out to a murder victim’s sister to ask her to support a push for more gun control laws in Oregon, but as it turns out, she disagrees with their stance on gun control.

Jennie Cochran’s sister, Jessie Doyle, was shot and killed by her estranged husband, Josh Cavett, in 2013, and Everytown asked if she’d be willing to support an expanded background check proposal.

Cochran went on Fox and Friends to expand her views on guns and gun rights.

In response to Cochran’s recording, Everytown released this statement to

“We engage other survivors to build a community of support and advocate for better laws that will prevent gun violence,” said Erica Lafferty, an Everytown spokeswoman. “That is exactly what my colleague was doing and I — and many gun violence survivors across this country — stand by these efforts to prevent the gun violence that we are very familiar with.”

“I received a similar call after my mother Dawn Lafferty, the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School, was murdered — and doing this work to ensure that more Americans will not join this unfortunate club that I would rather not be a part of has been a monumental part of my healing since gun violence stole my mom from me,” she added.

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