Man convicted of sexual assault thanks to victim who bit off his tongue for DNA evidence (VIDEO)

A man was convicted of sexual assault last month, thanks – in part – to one of his victim’s who bit off his tongue as DNA evidence during a sexual assault.

Adele Barber was walking in broad daylight to her Dunstable, Bedfordshire, home in England last year when she was pinned against a fence and assaulted in an alleyway. Barber explained in a recent interview that she was raped 10 years ago, but her attacker was not convicted, due to a lack of DNA evidence.

‘That made me more determined this time,” Barber said. “I thought, ‘I’ve got to get evidence and show this is not consensual. No one is going to do this to me again. I’m going to make sure this person gets the treatment they need.'”

So as her attacker stuck his tongue in her mouth, she bit down, so hard in fact that she bit the tip of his tongue off. Barber said the man appeared to enjoy the pain, but she continued to struggle with him until she got free. She then ran about a mile to her home, all the while with a bit of the man’s flesh in her mouth.

When she got home, she immediately called the police, who instructed her to place the piece of flesh in a sterile container.

The piece of tongue helped to convict 28-year-old Ferdinand Manila, who assaulted another woman just moments after the encounter with Barber.


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