911 dispatcher tells teen girl to 'stop whining' after her father was hit by car (VIDEO)

A 911 dispatcher in Anne Arundel County, Maryland911 dispatcher tells teen girl to ‘stop whining’ after her father was hit by car (VIDEO), has been reassigned to a position which does not involve direct contact with the public after he told a teen girl whose father was in a fatal accident to “stop whining.”

A recording of the 911 call was released, which demonstrated the dispatcher’s less than appropriate wording. The girl and her brother had just witnessed their father and his fiancee being struck by a vehicle during a hit and run when the girl called 911 and spoke very hurriedly.

“So two people were struck?” the dispatcher said.

“Yeah, they both laying, they just laying,” the girl replied.

The dispatcher then said, “Ok. Let’s stop whining. Ok? Let’s stop whining. It’s hard to understand you.”

The boy and girl were not injured, but their father died from his injuries.

Although the dispatcher’s actions didn’t delay first responders from reaching the scene in a timely manner, officials said he still handled the call inappropriately.

[ABC 6]

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