Man pretends to be a cop until he pulls over a real officer


Shawn Robinson, 27.


Two men were apparently pretending to be police officers in Dumfries, Virginia, last week when their fun came to an end after they pulled over a real cop.

The off-duty officer was driving when he noticed a Crown Victoria began to follow him and after some time, a spotlight on the car behind him was turned on. The off-duty officer believed it was another officer behind him, so he pulled over. The Crown Victoria then pulled up alongside the off-duty officer, but when the officer identified himself as law enforcement, the Crown Victoria took off.

However, the officer followed the Crown Victoria, which eventually came to a stop before two men fled from the vehicle.

The driver was identified as 27-year-old Shawn Michael Robinson, and a warrant for his arrest was issued, after such time Robinson turned himself in. He now faces charges for acting as a police impersonator and is being held without bond.

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