SpongeBob movie steals top spot from 'American Sniper'

After nearly a month at the top of the charts, “American Sniper” has been beat out by a movie about a talking sea sponge, his BFF, a starfish who also talks, and a bunch of other odd creatures with unusual and annoying habits.

“American Sniper” racked in just over $24 million in its fourth week, after remaining the top earner for the last three weeks, but “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” brought in more than double that at $56 million for its debut week.

Megan Colligan, president of worldwide distribution for Paramount Pictures, said the SpongeBob film took on some tough critics and came out ahead.

Colligan also said – although I’m inclined to disagree – the film was loved by “cool adults who have embraced the character since they were kids and have never let him go.”

Not sure what else can be said about this news.


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