Constable allegedly used police helicopter to film couples having sex

2552618700000578-2939242-image-a-6_1423044291498A South Yorkshire police officer is currently on administrative leave after the department discovered he allegedly had a history of using the thermal camera on the department’s helicopter to film couples who were having sex in public places.

The filming apparently occurred back in 2008, but the activity was only recently uncovered when his soon to be ex-wife ratted him out after the couple split in December. Authorities searched the home of Police Constable Adrian Pogmore, a 48-year-old father of two, and found at least one disc containing the questionable material, and after an interview with him decided he “had a case to answer.”

The department did, however, confirm that Pogmore was using the helicopter on official business, but when he should have been patrolling, he was apparently instead going to well-known “dogging sites,” places were people go to engage in public sex acts, to film them from above.

The investigation is ongoing.

[The Daily Express]

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