Man center of homemade gun range controversy selling parts on eBay


Joey Carannante looking at a range that once was.


Joey Carannante happier than a kid in a candy store.


Joey Carannante possibly signing “Joey Carannante.”


After building a homemade gun range in his yard, only to take it down after so many people complained about it, Joey Carannante has decided to sell an unused portion of his DIY gun range on eBay.

According to the ad, there’s not a whole lot to the piece. In fact, essentially it’s just a pallet, a sheet of plywood and some paint, but it made up the target portion of his range.

Carannante also signed the target, and even included a photo of him doing so for authenticity.

The current bid is just over $100 and shipping is an additional $100, but the auction still has three days remaining.

Carannante said it’s a part of Florida’s history. “You can keep it as a history piece,” the description states, “or shoot the hell out of it like I planned on.”

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