Springfield's new 2015 model M1As now shipping

new 2015 springfield m1a

Springfield Armory’s newest crop of M1A rifles for 2015 are now shipping to gun stores nation-wide, including their updated Standard and Loaded M1A rifles and SOCOM 16 carbines.

These rifles have been updated with new stock types and still deliver the M1A experience shooters everywhere have come to depend on, just with new looks, and in the case of the new M1A Loaded Precision Adjustable M1A, a dash of added functionality as well.

Like the rest of the M1A line-up, these .308 Winchester rifles are real multi-role firearms, and can be used for hunting most big game in North America, sport and target-shooting and in a pinch, for self-defense, particularly the compact SOCOM carbines.

The Standard and Loaded models sport 22-inch barrels while the SOCOM models have short 16-inch barrels and a modified gas system to keep them running smoothly. These rifles are obviously well-suited for duty and will also appeal to law enforcement officers providing their own police rifles.

The new options for the Standard M1A are stocks in flat dark earth for a two-tone look or with Kryptek’s Highlander camo print, suitable to a wide variety of environments, developed for mixed terrain.

The SOCOM 16 carbines are now offered in flat dark earth and Multi-Cam in addition to the original olive drab and matte black versions. These new models are priced in-line with existing SOCOM rifles and will have a street price of around $1,600. The updated Standard M1As are expected to cost a little less at around $1,400.

While these represent minor changes to the M1A series, the new Loaded Precision Adjustable M1A takes things a bit further with the addition of the tactical-featured adjustable Archangel stock.

The stock is fully-adjustable with an extending buttpad and a thumbwheel-adjustable cheek riser. The grip conceals a storage compartment for batteries, small parts or field cleaning kit and there are four steel-reinforced quick-detach sling points and two sling swivel studs in addition to a 6-o’clock rail for a bipod.

A Loaded series rifle, the new Precision Adjustable M1A is built around a premium National Match stainless steel barrel and has the upgraded National Match sights, too.

Springfield has set the suggested retail price for the Loaded Precision Adjustable M1A at a hair over $2,000 which will hopefully translate to a real-world price of around $1,750. The stock by itself generally lists at around $250, so this factory configuration ought to save buyers around $100 in the long run.

If you had your heart set on one of Springfield Armory’s new M1A rifles, good news, the wait is over. Start looking for them in stores and online today.

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