Man caught on video punching himself in the face after claiming police brutality (VIDEO)

A man looking for an early release after being jailed in Lane County, California, for several charges, including stalking and first-degree sexual abuse, thought he had a fool-proof plan, but it turned out that he just ended up looking like a fool instead.

Aleksander Robin Tomaszewski told authorities that he had been assaulted by detectives during an interview, and he wanted to press charges against the accused. The claim was taken to a sergeant, who looked into the allegations. However, upon reviewing video surveillance, it was discovered that Tomaszewski punched himself in the face 45 times while in a holding cell.

The “Fight Club” style approach not only didn’t work, but left Tomaszewski with additional charges for attempted coercion and initiating a false report. The fiasco landed the Tyler Durden wannabe an extra 20 days in jail, probation and another $600 in fines.

[The Register-Guard]

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