Female cop keeps composure while she's assaulted by high school girl (VIDEO)

An attack against a female cop outside a Canadian high school Tuesday was captured on cell phone video. The 15 and 16-year old girls were escorted out of the high school when they assaulted the community officer.

It appears that the officer was attempting to subdue one of the girl in the snow, but was overpowered by the girl instead. The girl repeatedly strikes the officer in the face while yelling at her, but all the while, the officer manages to hold on to the girl.

When the two get to their feet, the second girl then comes into view and pulls the officer away from the other girl. The officer still keeps an eye on the girls while trudging through the snow and as the girls start to run off, another off-duty officer who was on her way to work, intervenes and tackles the girl who just assaulted her fellow officer.

Peel Police Association president Paul Black praised the woman for managing to keep her composure through the entire incident. Black said she acted in a very professional manner by remaining calm while the teens attacked her.

[Live Leak]

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