Owners of cabin burned in Dorner manhunt get $200,000 from county

A settlement has been reached for damages caused to a cabin burned down in 2013 during a stand-off between San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies and former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner, who prompted a multi-agency manhunt after killing two officers and an LAPD commander’s daughter and her fiance.

The owners of the property, Palmdale resident Candace Martin and her son Eric Funnell, will receive a payout of $200,000 from the county, The San Bernardino Sun reported.    

After tracking Dorner to a Big Bear cabin – where the fugitive spent nearly a week before being discovered – SWAT police descended on the structure and began lobbing tear gas inside. The cabin caught fire and as flames flickered a single gunshot could be heard. Dorner’s body was later found inside.

Martin and Funnell will receive their compensation for damages, attorney fees and emotional distress by March 5, according to the agreement document, The Los Angeles Times reported.

The Times further reported that some $900,000 in reward money has been paid out to people who gave information leading to Dorner’s arrest.

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