Loaded gun found in dirty laundry leaving jail, headed to House of Corrections (VIDEO)

Authorities are trying to determine how a loaded handgun ended up in the dirty laundry of the Milwaukee County Jail Monday. The House of Corrections provides laundry service for the jail, and the dirty laundry – along with the gun – was on its way to the HOC when it was intercepted.

“My concern, though — probably like anybody hearing this story is how the hell does a loaded gun get through security?” said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. “Shoutout to our staff at corrections for finding it and immediately notifying the state Department of Corrections,” he added.

Authorities believe that the gun, which was reported stolen and contained a full magazine and a round in the chamber, was brought in by an inmate. Apparently, the Sheriff’s Department was searching for the gun, but never alerted the House of Corrections.

Abele said they can never reiterate enough how important it is to follow proper procedures when it comes to safety and security at the facility.

“Had the wrong person gotten his hands on this gun, this situation could have ended much differently,” Abele added.

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