CCL holder intervenes when drunken man pulls knife on diner customers (VIDEO)

The owners of an Okmulgee, Oklahoma, restaurant are thanking a man for his quick thinking and brave actions after he pulled a gun on a drunken man who was armed with a knife and threatening other patrons last week.

Danya Rucker, who waits tables at Deb’s Filling Station Cafe, said 26-year-old Andrew Harjo was obviously inebriated when he came into the cafe and reached into his pocket for a knife after he thought some customers were looking at him wrong.

Debra Sanders, who owns the cafe with her husband, said before Harjo made his move, another customer pulled out a gun. However, the gun-toting customer told Sanders he had a license to carry and was ready to use his gun if he needed. Fortunately, he didn’t need to and Harjo was hauled off to jail and charged for public intoxication and assault with a deadly weapon.

Rucker said the armed patron, who was not identified, was very apologetic for pulling a gun, but according to the waitress, they were like, “Are you kidding? Thank you for doing that!”

[Fox 23]

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