Cross-eyed man attacked by machete-wielding gang for 'looking at them funny'

Surveillance video from a Malaysian movie theater captured the sickening moments a group of suspects with machetes chased down a young man because they thought he was “looking at them funny.”

Osman bin Musa is cross-eyed and because he knows it sometimes garners negative attention, he usually wears sunglasses. However, Musa had just come out of the theater after watching “Jupiter Ascending” and had not yet put his sunglasses on again.

While passing the group of suspects, they apparently thought Musa was “looking at them funny.” Musa’s friend said one of the suspects asked Musa what he was looking at, but because Musa already sensed the tension between them, he was reluctant to respond. His reluctance only further angered the group, who then proceeded to chase him down and attack him.

Musa can be seen desperately trying to run from the group as he is continuously hit with machetes.

Two of the suspects were later arrested and police are pleading with witnesses to provide any information which may help them to identify and capture the remaining suspects.

Musa is being treated for extensive injuries and was last listed in critical condition.

[Daily Mail]

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