Pro-gun group wins injunction against Pennsylvania city’s gun control laws

The latest effects of a new Pennsylvania statute that prohibits cities from passing gun control measures that preempt state law saw three of Harrisburg’s local ordnances struck down Wednesday.

A dauphin County judge granted a preliminary injunction halting the ordinances which prohibited gun owners from carrying their firearms in parks or anywhere in the city during a state of emergency, The Patriot-News reported. A third ordinance prohibited unaccompanied minors from carrying a firearm.

The Patriot-News further reported that two other gun-related ordinances – one prohibiting gun discharge, the other requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen guns – were not in conflict with the Uniform Firearms Act, or Act 192, and not struck down by Judge Andrew H. Dowling

Harrisburg was sued by Houston-based pro-gun group U.S. Law Shield, which claims to have filed the first suit after passage of the preemption law. The group could not be reached by story publication.

More than 20 of an estimated 100 cities have reportedly changed their laws regarding guns in response to the passing of Act 192 and at least six are currently considering it.

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett signed the bill into law, giving gun rights advocates the power to sue cities and also recoup legal fees in doing so.


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