TruGlo launching new TFX tritium fiber optic sights (VIDEO)

TruGlo has just launched a new series of hybrid tritium and fiber optic sights for popular models of handguns. The new TFX series promises to be brighter and tougher than their existing and well-established TFO series.

Like the TFO series, TFX sights are a “best of both worlds” approach to pistol sights that incorporates a fiber optic element that channels ambient light to the dots on the sights while using a tritium vial to glow in the dark.

Fiber optic sights are extremely visible in daylight and stay bright even in overcast and low light conditions but are no better than plain sights in the dark. Night sights give off a faint light that’s visible in dark and in low light conditions but wash out in better lit conditions.

These sights use both to light up 3-dot sights day and night in all conditions. They don’t require power and the tritium is good for about ten to twelve years of light as it dims over time.

TFX sights completely encapsulate the tritium and fiber optic components in a one piece sleeve that is locked into place within the bodies of the front and rear sights. The fragile tritium vial is entirely sheathed in steel while the fiber optic section has a cutout along the top of the sight to let light in.

The sides of the sights are solid and tall, protecting the light-gathering element from strikes from the top and sides. It would take a direct hit to the fiber optic part to cause problems and even then, it is protected by the polymer sleeve and somewhat flexible.

The TFX design solves a problem early TFO sights had which was that damage to the sights could cause the fiber optic element to break free and eventually fall out. By going with the single sleeve to hold both the fiber optic and tritium components together the TFX design is a lot more rugged.


A quick break-down of how these sights are built. (Photo: TruGlo)

The tritium-powered light pipe is inserted through the front of the sights through the dots and held in by a ring pressed in behind them. TruGlo calls this their “Focus Lock” as the front ring is white to make the front sight stand out from the rear black rings. This helps shooters acquire the front sight, getting them on target faster.

Right out of the gate TruGlo has a solid line-up with sight sets for Glock, SIG, Springfield XD, Beretta PX4, Kimber and Ruger pistols as well as several options for pistols cut for Novak sights. They’re already available in stores for around $130 per set and TruGlo has more models in the works for other guns including FN, Kahr and Steyr pistols.

While this is still a new design and will require testing to bear out any weaknesses or flaws, at least on paper it looks much improved. If you’ve been on the fence about trying TruGlo TFO sights because you wanted something tougher than you might want to try these.

And if you’re already a convert to the hybrid TFO design and are looking to upgrade or replace your existing pistol sights then you definitely want to check out the new TruGlo TFX tritium fiber optic sights.

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