Detroit cop suspended after allegedly carrying gun drunk (VIDEO)

A Detroit police officer could be charged Thursday after being arrested for carrying her service weapon while drunk.

Deloma Stone was off duty and drinking at the Golden Greek bar on Monday when she claimed she won a $20,000 jackpot in Keno, FOX 2 reported. A bar tender then tried to convince Stone she hadn’t won and the off-duty officer became belligerent.

“She said we stole her ticket,” bartender Batoul Lossia said. “We didn’t steal her ticket because she was drunk.”

Stone then reportedly followed a bartender into the bathroom, where she punched her in the back of the neck. The bartender threatened to call police and Stone said they were her friends. Lossia called the police. When officers arrived they searched Stone and found her service weapon in her purse. She also had a blood alcohol content of .14 and was arrested for possessing a firearm while under the influence of alcohol, FOX 2 reported.

This wasn’t the first time Stone has gotten into trouble because of the drink. Last summer, Stone got drunk and threw a brick through a window, according to FOX 2. She was carrying her service firearm during that incident as well.

In 2012, Stone got into a domestic dispute with then Cmdr. James Moore from the same department, which resulted in his demotion.      

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