Ms. Clean 2.0: Twice as tough, double the capacity (VIDEO)

Peter Palma and the rest of the team behind the original Ms. Clean are looking to expand on their concept with the Ms. Clean 2.0. The Ms. Clean is a magazine-shaped cleaning kit designed for soldiers to use in the field. Version 2.0 is just getting off the ground but promises to be twice as good as the original.

The idea is straightforward: make a magazine-shaped polymer case that’s the thickness of two magazines for double mag pouches. The increase in storage capacity alone is an obvious benefit, and by going with a thicker design means there’s room for reinforcement for an even tougher case.

And while it wasn’t possible to stuff the original Ms. Clean into a magwell, it still had the look and feel of a STANAG magazine. The same can’t be said for the Ms. Clean 2.0 with its stocky build and ridged side walls.

There is one major hurdle to producing new polymer products like these and that’s mold production. While the cost of materials isn’t huge the cost of making the molds runs tens of thousands of dollars.

ms clean 2.0 multitasker

The Ms. Clean 2.0 kit complete with everything you need to keep your guns running in the field, here with an optional Multitasker Series 3. (Photo: MS Clean)

Getting molds made is a major investment, and for a small company like this, a make-it-or-break-it proposition. So like the original Ms. Clean, Palma is looking for up-front buyers to back the project through Kickstarter.

The first Ms. Clean was a total success, with the project netting the money needed to make the molds and reward all the backers with cleaning kits. They raised over $35,000 and made the Ms. Clean go from concept to reality.

This second crowd-funding project is even more ambitious with a higher goal of $60,000 and some extra-deluxe packages as rewards for backers of the Ms. Clean 2.0. The money isn’t just going to making the kits but stuffing them full of goodies that any gun owner can appreciate.

These kits are intended to meet military users’ needs but their capacity and flexibility gives them a wider appeal, especially in these packages. There are more than a dozen Ms. Clean 2.0 rewards, including stickers and patches for not a whole lot to complete Ms. Clean 2.0 cases packed with cleaning kits and even dealer rewards for vendors looking to back the project.

Backers who pledge $30 or more will get a case and complete kits run from $70 to $225 dollars and include things like 9mm, 5.56mm and 7.62mm cleaning kits and deluxe cleaning kits with FireClean, Frog Lube or Breakthrough solvents and lubes.

ms clean 2.0 trauma kit

The Ms. Clean 2.0 is big enough for all sorts of loadouts like this trauma kit. (Photo: MS Clean)

The cleaning kits include a Tactical Tailor mag pouch, B5 Systems carbon scraper, sectional cleaning rods, brushes, swabs and patches and a BoreSnake. The fanciest cleaning kit of them all even comes with a Multitasker Series 3 multitool.

Some of the rewards serve other roles including the basic first aid kit packed with bandages and over-the-counter painkillers and the more advanced trauma kit that includes shears and a CAT tourniquet. And then there’s the hygiene kit complete with Fight Soap and War Beard facial gel.

Other rewards are more altruistic and supply Ms. Clean kits to deployed troops who need them the most. Backers who supply forces overseas will still be thanked with an Ms. Clean 2.0 case of their own.

The Ms. Clean 2.0 is shaping up to be one of the must-have components of any field kit and these rewards are coming it at prices less than what the final kits will retail for so if you’re at all interested in the products there’s no reason not to pre-order now.

To get your Ms. Clean 2.0 order in now head over to the Kickstarter project page. The project is already well under way and some of the rewards have already been completely claimed. If you like what you see, get your pledge in today.

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