Some say drugs may have been involved in Las Vegas road rage case

More questions are emerging about those involved in the Las Vegas road rage case earlier this month.

Tammy Meyers was fatally shot outside her home following a confrontation with 19-year-old Eric Nowsch. Meyers was teaching her teen daughter how to drive when Nowsch passed by in another vehicle and Meyers’ daughter honked the horn at the speeding car. A verbal exchange ensued, but both parties went on their separate ways.

However, Meyers then went home, ordered her son to come with her and bring his gun. The two went driving around the neighborhood searching for Nowsch, who initially eluded them, but soon after returned to Meyer’s home and opened fire, striking the mother of two, who died the next day.

Meyers’ husband, Robert, has said that his wife spent countless hours trying to help the troubled teen, but now some who are familiar with those involved suggest there may have been more to it and the park where Robert said his wife was often “consoling” the teen was a known hangout for drug activity.


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