Female clerk gives armed robber a beat down after taking his gun (VIDEO)

When two men attempted to rob a tobacco shop in Lexington Friday night, they didn’t anticipate having to fight off the female clerk, but the clerk said she was simply standing up for what was right.

The store’s video surviellance showed the two armed suspects walking in with their faces covered. One suspect went around behind the counter and began to take money from the register, while the clerk, Zara Adil, calmly looked on. Then Adil saw an opportunity when the suspect set his gun on the counter.

Adil grabbed the gun and told the second suspect to leave or she would shoot him, but the first suspect proceeded to get into a tussle with Adil. During the scuffle, Adil shot the suspect in the shoulder, before he begged her to let him go.

She told him to walk out of the store and leave the money, but the suspect was relentless, attempting to grab the cash register drawer on his way out. But Adil fought him all the way, until he left empty-handed.

Adil said she only did what was right, and she believes the rash of recent robberies would be on the decline if people would only fight back. She said criminals would lose their courage if it proved not so easy.


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