New options to customize your AR grip


The Accu-Grip is available for AKs as well as ARs. (Photo: A.G.)

It’s hard to say the importance of a having a good rifle grip is overlooked these days. There are dozens if not hundreds of AR-pattern pistol grips for shooters of all stripes, loaded with features and each designed to serve a purpose.

Of course that isn’t to say there’s no room for innovation and a little competition. Accu-Grip, Executive Ordnance and XTech Tactical are three companies that have come up with interesting new grips that take new, different approaches to customizing your rifle to best suit your needs.

The Accu-Grip is intended for target shooters. It’s an adjustable grip that can be moved away from the trigger face, which allows users to precisely set the amount of space between the web of their grip and their fingertip for precision trigger work.

executive ordnance

The Executive Ordnance grip is attractive and stylish. (Photo: E.O./DRF)

Executive Ordnance is about form and function. Their grip adds texture and style to an AR by installing G10 grip panels over an aluminum sub-frame and would look fantastic on any higher-end rifle.

XTech’s Adjustable Tactical Grip is definitely for the black rifle crowd. The ATG is angle-adjustable, and can be raked forwards or backwards to suit shooters whose accuracy is dependent on their body mechanics.

As the world of ARs grows, it expands to appeal to a wider userbase that has far exceeded original crop of military rifle fans. The Accu-Grip might seem out of place at a 3-gun match but for slow target shooting, long-distance shooting and hunting of all types it’s right at home.

Like the E.O. grip, the Accu-grip fixes the body of the grip onto a ridged sub-frame. The ridges lock the grip shell into place, letting the user move it away from the trigger in .1-inch increments.

xtech tactical atg (2)

The XTech ATG is practical, tough and affordable. (Photo: XTech/DRF)

The XTech grip is better suited for run-and-gun and service and duty rifles. With the tactical crowd turning to shorter stocks on their carbines and shooting rifles with telescoping stocks collapsed, users are finding out that standard carbine grip geometry is too aggressive for prolonged use.

Some companies have addressed this with more vertical pistol grips but they’re a one size fits all type of solution. The ATG is a two-piece polymer design with a top and bottom section of the grip. The grip sections are tooth like gears and lock together in one of three positions, giving the user the option of setting their grip at 17, 25 or 33 degrees off straight vertical.

The XTech grip locks in place using the standard mounting screw and will not self-adjust during use. Pick an angle that’s set for your load-out and lock it in place. It’s hollow to cut weight and is extremely rigid with its glass-filled nylon composite.

As each of these grips serves a different purpose, they are also all priced accordingly. The Accu-Grip is at the middle of the pack at about $40 each and is offered in olive drab, desert sand, flat dark earth and black.

The Executive Ordnance grip is considerably more at $139 in black, coyote or olive drab and $149 in two-tone black and brown or black and olive. Style is expensive.

The XTech ATG is the most practical of these grips and also the most affordable, listing for around $17. This is a great option for the tactical, lightweight, ultra-compact AR.

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