CZ Showcasing Updated 527 Carbine Series

CZ-USA is highlighting their updated 527 Carbine series of mini-Mauser bolt-action rifles chambered for .223 Remington and 7.62x39mm. Whether they’re plinkers, brush guns, game getters or trainers, these rifles are quickly gaining traction as go-to carbines for shooters everywhere.

While the 527 Carbine has been around for a few years, it’s been hard to find and fairly obscure. Not many people know that CZ makes a micro-Mauser but that’s starting to change. Not only has CZ-USA doubled down on their efforts to bring these rifles stateside, they’ve added two new 527 Carbines to their catalog.

Based on the .223 and 7.62×39 models, the updated 2015 rifles feature shorter youth stocks for new shooters and smaller-framed shooters. The Youth models are also slightly lighter weight and offered in the same .223 and 7.62×39 chamberings. The full-size 527 Carbines still weigh less than 6 pounds making them all featherweight guns that can be carried all day.

The two cartridges each excel in their own ways. The smaller-bore .223 is flatter-shooting and has a little less felt recoil. And 7.62×39, the original AK-47 cartridge, has proven again and again that it’s a flexible round and an established game-getter, similar to .30-30 Winchester, one of the most renown hunting cartridges in the world.

CZ calls them brush guns and that’s a pretty accurate assessment. They all have 18.5 inch barrels and are bored and rifled to shoot inexpensive steel-cased military surplus ammo accurately. On top of that every 527 Carbine is equipped with a crisp, single-stage set factory trigger.

cz 527 youth carbine rifle

The new 527 Youth Carbines have shorter stocks by about 2 inches. (Photo: CZ-USA)

While the receivers are machined with 16mm dovetails the rifles include iron sight making them ready to shoot right out of the box. Iron sights also helps keep the weight down as similar rifles often don’t come with sights and require a scope, which can easily add an extra pound to the gun, not to mention, add a couple hundred dollars to the bottom line.

CZ has set the MSRP of all four models at $733 and real-world prices are closer $650. There are cheaper short-action bolt guns out there it’s true, but almost none have the same features of the CZ 527 carbines, including Turkish walnut stocks and detachable 5-round magazines. Additional Magazines can be purchased directly from CZ-USA at for $40.

The stocks are fit with a pair of swivel studs and the front sight is hooded. Combined with the overall lightweight package and you’ve got a rifle that’s meant to be hauled around. The stocks have a straight cut with a slightly raised comb and are checkered on the grip and forend for a solid hold in the field. The buttstocks are lightly padded although even in bolt-action rifles neither .223 nor 7.62×39 are particularly hard on the shoulder.

In the past, the 527 Carbine — in any caliber — was a rare find. CZ-USA is fixing that this year with a solid supply of these multi-purpose bolt guns in more configurations than ever. If you’ve been kicking yourself for not jumping on the last CZ 527 carbine, you can stop now, and start hunting for your next new rifle.

These aren’t the only new Model 527 rifles for 2015, either. CZ-USA has neatly expanded their line-up of 527 actions including their American, Euro and Lux models, with new rifles in .204 Ruger, thumbhole and Mannlicher models and left-handed actions. For more on those check out CZ-USA’s new product page.

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