Felon gets five years for unregistered machine gun he bought from undercover agent

A federal judge handed down a five-year sentence to an Orlando felon found with an unregistered machine gun, silencer and short barreled rifle.

Anthony Kenty Soto-Lopes, 34, pleaded guilty to the charges in December.

According to court documents, Soto-Lopes bought four Glock pistols, a Glock machine gun, a silencer and four devices designed for converting firearms into fully automatic weapons from an undercover agent and a confidential informant.

After Soto-Lopes gave the agent $4,955 for the weapons, he was promptly arrested and the items were recovered.

After his arrest, Soto-Lopes told agents that he had illegally shipped firearms and weapons from Florida to Puerto Rico using mail or commercial carriers, including the shipment of a grenade launcher.

During a search of his residence, agents found numerous other guns and ammo, including five Glocks and a shot barreled rifle, which they also recovered.

Under federal law, Soto-Lopes was prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition because of a previous felony conviction in Puerto Rico.

Neither the silencer, the machine gun, conversion devices, nor the short-barreled rifle were registered to Soto-Lopes in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record, as required by federal law.

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